Sexchat stranger

Even when I bought the tokens for the “peep-show” booths, it didn’t raise any eyebrows.

Couples often came in to see the vids in the booths, usually on a dare or as a drunken, post-clubbing lark.

I was especially wrapped up in a vid of some typical, blond, big-breasted girl getting “facialled” by a group of dumping, sad-looking guys when I heard Kelly’s door creak open, I peeked through the door and saw her with her dress wrapped around her waist, teasing her pussy with her fingers.

Nothing original, just the typical “yeah baby” and “play with that clit.” I guess when you’re watching through a “gloryhole” and see a gorgeous woman with an amazing body play with herself, making clever conversation is a low priority.

Anyways, I listened for a little bit until I heard Kelly moan with a minor orgasm, then I opened the door and climbed in, smiling at a young guy who took a nice, long look at her tits while his jaw hit the floor.

We had another stop on our schedule…The sex shop on Jamieson Street wasn’t your typical dark, dirty little place.

The management keep everything well-lit and spotless, trying to encourage the couples trade over the lonely pervert crowd, so it wasn’t that unusual to see the two of us come in.

With a smile a wink, she started skipping down the alley, flashing her naked ass and pussy as she went.