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About bunuelos "Most countries have their version of bunuelos, or fritters, either sweet or savory, and they are certainly great favorites throughout Spain and Latin America.

In many parts of Mexico bunuelos are made of a stiffer dough, which is rolled out thin anywhere up to 12 inches in diameter and then fried crisp and staked up ready for use.

Dozens of Tex-Mex restaurants sprang up in Paris, and the trend spread across Europe and on to Bangkok, Buenos Aires and Abu Dhabi.

Tortilla chips, margaritas and chili con carne are now well-known around the world." --- Houston Post, 6 part series, all online: Los Angeles Times Cookbook: Old Time California, Mexican and Spanish Recipes [1905] History & evolution: Recommended books: America's First Cuisines, Sophie D.

80-1) [1970s] "In the good old days, Texans went to "Mexican restaurants" and ate "Mexican food." Then in 1972, The Cuisines of Mexico, an influential cookbook by food authority Diana Kennedy, drew the line between authentic interior Mexican food and the "mixed plates" we ate at "so-called Mexican restaurants" in the United States.


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    Nutrition (Congregate and Home Delivered Meals) - The Older Adult Nutrition Program (OANP) provides a well-balanced meal which includes no less than one-third of the nutrient-based Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) for older adults and follows the food-based Dietary Guidelines for Older Americans.

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    The following year, the town would soon be named after British military engineer Colonel John By who was responsible for the entire Rideau Waterway construction project.

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