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Wing R, Drew H, Takano T, Broka C, Tanaka S, Itakura K, Dickerson RE. Crystal structure analysis of a complete turn of B-DNA. Drew HR, Wing RM, Takano T, Broka C, Tanaka S, Itakura K, Dickerson RE. Structure of a B-DNA dodecamer: conformation and dynamics. Although not obvious from its name, NEBcutter V2.0 can also predict open reading frames of indicated minimum length.

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Creation of a Bacterial Cell Controlled by a Chemically Synthesized Genome. The basic tools included here are widely used and freely available applications representative of many similarly available tools.

Exporting the on screen output requires a free login account, but all pertinent information can be retrieved directly from the screen.

The Journal of biological chemistry 195(1):155-160. The Primer Quest Design tool produces primer pair recommendations via either a basic or an advanced interface.

Composition of the desoxypentose nucleic acids of four genera of sea-urchin. Enter the target DNA sequence and the desired distance to be amplified within that region and this simple web based program will return a pair or primer sequences along with their predicted melting temperatures.

To obtain the sequence of regions significantly longer than 2000 bp typically requires that multiple, overlapping sequences be "stitched" together into a single contiguous sequence.


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