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[quote] I wasn't even sure if he was gay before then (it could have just been wishful thinking), but that is the fakest relationship in the history of fake relationships. They go out of their way to hide it because it's special and personal.

Well I can't believe people sat through the obvious and ridiculous fauxmance with Reese Witherspoon or have glossed over how many hook ups with actresses this guy has 'supposedly' had and never wondered whether they're being fed a load of bullshit from some pr flack's mighty pen. Real straight couples don't feel the need to lay their sexuality bare for all. Even wrote a bitter song about it, something along the lines of "don't you think a 19-year-old is a bit too young for your lies and twisted games." Now I'm convinced that Mayer is deeply in the closet and a self hating fuck. During that exhibition out-take clip, Federer touches Rafa's leg every other second.

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That said, a completely obvious bullshit relationship like Jake & Taylor is a different story. Kristen Stewart Queen Latifah Jodie Foster Jillian Michaels.

R64, it was at that awards ceremony, where she thanked her "partner" or "beloved partner whatsername", can't remember exactly. She says she's bi and open to love in general, she's obviously GAY, posts pictures of her gf all over her FB and twitter but refuses to acknowledge her relationship, keeps mentionning boyfriends on her radio show and flirts with men when cameras are around. Rosie gets such shit for going ga-ga over Tom Cruise. I DON'T want him but yeah, I'd probably go ga-ga over him if he were in front of me turing on that charm. A lot of the people mentioned here don't seem to be okay with their sexuality if indeed they are gay. If they are gay - they are fucked up and in denial or hoping to change. It's the people living perfectly out lives in their day to day that seem to be more on the verge.

The blame for this doesn't rest on queer celebrities.[quote]But is Anderson Cooper technically in the closet? R17, after those pics of Queen and her gf surfaced, the gf gave an interview and said that she's straight. The most embarrasing interview of all was when she said that the gay rumors were ruining her chances of finding a man.

I mean, he's not Grand Marshall of the Gay Pride parade, but I think everyone knows he's gay. The hausfraus hear the rumors but know that if they have one night in bed with him, he'll be forever straight. A lot of the celebs mentioned in this thread may not be out but they have never said that they are straight.

The almost daily 'invasion' into Gyllenhaal Cruise's 'private' but somehow always-VERY-public-heterosexual-affairs is classic ding! It's amazing that he's never been able to keep any of his relationships private without tons of details and picture ops leaking out while larger stars manage to be much less over-exposed. He's an old man now, no one really cares except some bitter old queens who never liked him the first place. The rest of these celebrities are too young, too old, or not obvious enough.r53, "real straight couples" don't consist of two famewhores. Their romances get positive press for these people and that is their livelihood. Federina, especially when mincing around in the blazer and all-white ensemble. I thought at one point he was going to sit on his lap."What about the dead ones, like Mary Martin and Lena Horne? Look at me, I just happened to get married and fall in love when a boy said I fondled him and sucked him off!