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Over the last eight days, the dazzling crowd of Paris Fashion Week attendees have included numerous stylish A-listers, from Catherine Deneuve to Cate Blanchett, with added glamour from the likes of Kylie Minogue, Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer.

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The Southern Belle last year gave her theory on how she's able to make her way throughout the city relatively unbothered, telling Town & Country that 'everyone in New York is very self-involved' and 'focused on themselves.'Like, walking down the street, people are just in their own zone,' said the actress, who appears in the ensemble cast of the upcoming Ocean's Eight. Someone bumps into you one too many times, and you’re just like ...'The 5ft4 beauty has a sizzling new romance as the leaves turn with a hunky New York native named Henry Frye, the New York Post reported Monday.

Frye, who has past attended the University of Vermont, the paper reported, has squired the blonde beauty to a spattering of events in the Big Apple this month.

Things remain white-hot for Dakota both personally and professionally, as her dramatic comedy Please Stand By is set to debut at the Rome Film Festival this weekend.