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As for Egyptian units, they were named after their gods.

[Read Part I] Each Egyptian division numbered 5,000 men subdivided into 250-man companies and 50-man platoons.

Ramses, like his father, crossed over the channel of the Orontes, with the first division of Amon named: “Victory-of-King-Usermare-Setepnere.” When Ramses reached the city, he states in the battle of Kadesh account: Behold, the wretched, vanquished chief of Kheta (Hittites) had come, having gathered together all countries from the ends of the sea to the land of Kheta, which came entire: the Naharin likewise, and Arvad, Mesa, Keshkesh, Kelekesh, Luka, Kezweden, Carchemish, Ekereth, Kode, the entire land of Nuges, Mesheneth, and Kadesh.

He left not a country which was not brought together with their chiefs who were with him, every man bringing his chariotry, an exceeding great multitude, without its like.

A CEO who was fired for allegedly dating an employee while he was still married asked the company's board for permission to date the woman - and despite being giving the nod of approval was forced to resign anyway.